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Experts in Solid Dosage Forms

Formulation Development for Pharma and Dietary Suplements

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Etil-lab is the R&D Service offered by Etilcompany®, specialized in the Galenic Development of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms and dietary supplements.

For 50 years we have been working with the main suppliers of pharmaceutical excipients for solid forms and we apply this experience in our developments. Our high quality excipients enable us to achieve stable, reproducible and scalable formulations.

What can we do?


  • Tablets

  • Coated Tablets

  • ODTs

  • Chewing Tablets

  • Effervescent Tablets

  • Granules

  • Pellets

  • Hard Capsules

  • Creams /Ointments

Our Material Palette

  • Lactoses
    (MEGGLE Excipients, Alemania)

  • Calcium Phosphates
    (Budenheim, Alemania)

  • Mannitol
    (SPI Pharma, USA)

  • MCC
    (Mingtai, Taiwán)

    (Evonik, Alemania)

  • Mineral Salts
    (Dr. Paul Lohmann, Alemania)

    (Evonik, Alemania)

  • hydroxypropylcellulose - HPC 
    (NISSO, Japón)

  • Hypromellose- HPMC
    (Lotte, Corea del Sur)

  • Neutral Oils & Fats
    (IOI Oleo, Alemania)



  • Powders Mixing

  • Wet Granulation

  • Tabletting

  • Hard Capsules Filling

  • Film Coating on Tablets
    & Soft Capsules


  • Fluid Bed for pellets
    & microgranules


  • Dispersion of creams
    & semi-solids

Our Expertise

  • Tadalafil, 
    coated tablets

  • Omega-3, 
    coated tablets

  • Sildenafil,
    chewable tablets

  • Acetaminophen,
    chewable tablets

  • Vitamin K2,

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae, capsules

  • Aspirin,
    enteric coated tablets

  • Sodium diclofenac,
    enteric coated tablets

  • Pantoprazol,
    enteric coated tablets

  • Cystine + Vitamin B6,
    enteric coated tablets

  • Doxylamine+ Pyridoxine,
    enteric pellets

  • Mesalamine,
    colonic release tablets

  • Melatonin,
    sustained release tablets

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